Creation Composition & Care

BAINA towels are designed with intent and permanence in mind. Intended to be intimately woven into your daily ritual of bathing. Produced with respect and consideration to the environment.

Made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton.


BAINA towels are designed with intent, to equally favour design and functionality. BAINA finds the balance between a generously soft handle whilst carefully considering the weight in which the towel effectively absorbs and dries quickly after use.

Our towels are made from double-looped terry cloth in weights of 500gsm to 950gsm.

Our terry is double looped, constructed using two twisted cotton threads in each pile. This allows for an upright, higher density loop that is not only soft to the touch but exceptionally absorbent, drawing in moisture to the base of the towel.

BAINA towels are manufactured in Portugal, a country renowned for its high-quality textiles and home to some of the most skilled and established towelling mills in the world.

The Portuguese mill takes a progressive approach toward social accountability, environmental impact and technological innovation.


  • SMETA - certifying best practises in labour, health and safety, ethics and environmental impact
  • Oeko-Tex Certification
  • Organic Content Standard Certification
  • BCI Better Cotton Initiative accreditation

BAINA’s mill partners are committed to reducing their ecological footprint and lowering emissions, while their fabrication development sees them exploring recycled yarns and eco-dying. Regularly upgrading technologies ensures energy conservation and cost reductions, resulting in improved wages for workers.

BAINA is a conscious business. From inception we have been acutely aware of the quantities we are producing. We’re committed to producing small quantities to meet the market demand without overproducing, only introducing additional styles in limited production runs that complement our existing range. We are season-less with each style designed to be thoughtfully woven into the collection.


Made from 100% organic cotton.

Organic cotton is soft, durable, natural and biodegradable. It is a fibre that becomes stronger when wet, which makes it ideal for towelling. Compared to other common towelling fibres, cotton is preferred for its superior absorbency, hand-feel and environmental impact.

Unlike conventional cotton which is linked to soil degradation and pollution, organic cotton is produced without chemical fertilisers, pesticides, synthetic dyes and genetic modification. For these reasons it’s also better for the wellbeing of farmers; they are not exposed to chemicals that can cause health problems, while also being able to charge a premium for their crops leading to fairer wages and better quality of life.

We believe what we use on our skin should always be a consideration. Organic cotton is less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin.


We have designed BAINA with longevity in mind. Our care instructions have been created to ensure your Organic Towels will last while providing you with maximum absorbency and softness. We have also taken into consideration the impact caring for your towels has on the environment which is why we suggest selecting economical wash cycles, choosing natural detergents, and avoiding any chemical additives.

Before using any BAINA products, we recommend washing your towels through one cycle.

Our organic cotton is naturally soft. We advise against the use of fabric softeners. While softeners can create a soft feeling initially, over time they leave behind deposits that build up on the cotton's surface, creating a barrier that affects a towel’s absorption abilities.

To sustain an absorbent pile on your BAINA towel we recommend using a dryer* for a portion of the drying process as this will agitate the terry cloth, circulating air and loosening the pile. Towels quickly coarsen when solely line dried, particularly indoors where there is little air circulation.

*We understand many would prefer to avoid the use of dryers, this is only a suggestion if one's preference is to maintain optimal softness.

You can find a detailed list of care instructions on every product page.