BAINA is an Antipodean brand of curated towelling founded by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey. Their contemporary, organic cotton towels celebrate the daily bathing ritual, softening into the moments that begin and end the day.


BAINA’S modern approach to design is anchored in print and colour with a considered sensibility that nods to fine art, sculpture, architecture and colour theory. While harnessing simplicity, Baina experiments with texture to create shape, elevating an everyday object to upend the neutrality of the bathroom.

Committed to creating timeless collections, BAINA takes a mindful approach to craftsmanship and materiality. Made in Portugal, Baina works with GOTS certified organic cotton and produces with one of Europe’s most established mills to develop their considered offering.

About ANNA

The notion of time and unity acted as both signifiers and sanction around Anna’s objective for BAINA: To create a brand that assisted with and added to the routine act of bathing. Combining form and function Anna sees BAINA as a tool that can promote the extension of the meditative state one enjoys while bathing.

Sitting confidently within the realm of the written word, Anna responds to inspiration in a fluid and collaborative way. The intention behind her creative process is to enhance the terry texture of the BAINA products and actively remove the stigma that to bathe is a self-indulgent act.

Placing importance on complementary colours within design and ultimately guided by the consumer’s aesthetic, Anna is committed to creating a brand that speaks to someone no matter their personality, can be used regardless of the season, and advocates the act of bathing as a daily time of self-preservation; a way to care for yourself as you would for others.


Bailey’s intention for BAINA was to create a brand that cultivated a sense of joy in the use of everyday objects. Something that offered permanence and celebrated individuality, while remaining functional, inclusive, season-less, and purposeful.

Driven by a mostly visual approach Bailey’s inspirations and creative practices are rooted in the concept of finding pleasure and stability through the exploration of familiarity and comfort in everyday routine. For her, the bath offers a way to anchor emotional wellbeing, to bathe offers a way to find silence within a noisy existence, and BAINA offers a way to elevate an essential daily practice, bringing focus to a moment of solitude.